• Happy Hour Monday through Saturday - 4:30 to 6:30
  • Happy Hour Cocktails


Asian staples are fused with Mediterranean herbs and spices resulting in a cuisine unique to Crave. The menu is a collection of the finest meats, seafood and produce from around the world brought together under the supervision/guidance of chef Anh Nguyen of Matsuhisa Nobu, who then combines these items to produce the perfect medleys of textures and flavors. Each dish is a culinary masterpiece demonstrating the Chef's bold creativity and fearless disregard for standard food pairings.

The importance of freshness and presentation to our executive team are evident in the beautiful presentations and vibrant flavors of the meals. Each dish is a bursting expression of culinary art impeccably sliced, diced, chopped and drizzled then paired with the perfect accompaniments. Sushi lives up to its art form in creative and delectable combinations of the freshest seafood as well as unconventional options. Our executive team also offers an extensive list of small plates meant to encourage our diners to share and have a taste of everything.

Crave Happy Hour

Happy Hour can be enjoyed Monday thru Saturday 4:30-6:30.
Guests can indulge and take advantage of Happy Hour Sushi and Small Plates as well as drink specials.

Reverse Happy Hour

Need a night cap? Enjoy Reverse Happy Hour every Friday and Saturday 10 pm to 2 am.
Drink specials and Late Night menu.
Excludes special events

Crave Drink

The intricate sushi yearns for simple sake
The tender filet cries out for a strong cabernet
Weekends deserve it all.

The entire world is represented in the exotic cocktail menu. Exclusive to Crave is an extensive list of sakes imported from Japan to be enjoyed on their own or in one of the fabulous saketinis. Wines and champagnes include wonderful selections from California as well as imports from the wine hearts of the world. After dinner, enjoy one of a multitude of fine liqueurs and be sure to indulge in the perfect martinis at some point in your evening. Happy Hour is hosted Monday thru Saturday 4:30-6:30 and Reverse Happy Hour on Friday and Saturday 10pm – 2 am.

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